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American youth arrested for impersonating Playa del Carmen police officer

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Police in Playa del Carmen have detained a man on charges of usurpation of official functions after he was found dressed in police attire. The youth, identified as 22-year-old Patrick N from the United States, was arrested after he was found allegedly posing as a Municipal Police officer.

His arrest took place from a car along Universidades Avenue after police received a citizen complaint of a suspicious vehicle. Once on scene, police were able to locate the car and the youth inside, who they discovered dressed as a police officer with clothing, badges and a PR24 baton.

When questioned about his attire, the youth failed to provide a rational answer. He was taken into custody. He was found wearing a police shirt, black ballistic vest with a tactical legend along with a black police ball cap and carrying a baton.