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After 11 bullet holes to car Cancun driver dies in hospital

Cancun, Q.R. — A man who was shot Thursday evening near the Cancun INM office has died. The unidentified man was shot at while driving his car along Náder Avenue.

Passing motorists called police after his car was hit by bullets as he neared the intersection with Uxmal Avenue. When police arrived, they found the man laying on the road outside the driver’s side of his car.

In the door were 11 bullet holes, two of which penetrated the driver’s side window. He was taken to hospital where he is reported to have died early Friday.

According to preliminary information, the car was intercepted and the driver shot at in SM 5 moments after leaving the National Migration Institute (INM) office building. The driver was hit, but got out of his car after driving over the center median. He collapsed on the road.

City police and elements of the National Guard responded to the 6:43 p.m. call, while paramedics transferred the shot man to a nearby clinic. The man is said to have died Friday morning.

Preliminary information says there were two people in the car at the time of the shooting. The second person, the unharmed passenger, has been unofficially identified as an INM accountant from the Cancun office.

The pair were driving in the car when it was intercepted by two men on a black and green motorcycle who opened fire against the driver before fleeing.