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“A drastic reduction” in the covid-19 epidemic announced by Mexican health officials

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexican health officials have reported “a drastic reduction” in the covid-19 epidemic which includes “a very significant reduction in deaths.”

The announcement was made by Hugo López-Gatell, the undersecretary of health who says in some of Mexico’s states, the epidemic is almost at an end. He pointed out that the evolution of the curve in the states had the same downward pattern after the fourth wave of Covid-19.

“Let’s go to the contrast with curve number 4. Second, third, fourth, which is omicron, where we had a large number of cases, but, as we said at the time, since the end of November when this variant of the virus became known, there were signs that there was going to be a very large spread, but little intensity in terms of serious illness and that’s how it behaved. That’s how we announced it every day.

“Here we see hospitalization. You can see how the pattern is very different. Instead of the last curve being the largest, it is the smallest. First curve, second curve, which was the most intense, and then we had the third and the fourth, and we have a reduction or a comparison of 82 percent with respect to the peak of the epidemic, the moment in which we are currently in occupation hospitable.

“Nationwide hospital occupancy never exceeded 50 percent because we had enough beds as a result of the reconversion, but you also already had a large proportion of the population vaccinated when this fourth wave arrived.

“The same in deaths, you see that the second wave was the most intense and then we had the third and fourth, and also the comparison is very noticeable between the maximum point of the second curve and the current moment, there is a difference of 76 percent. And fortunately we have also had two consecutive weeks of reduction in mortality.

“All 32 states are showing a drastic reduction in the epidemic and also with a very significant reduction in deaths,” he explained.

López-Gatell said that the vaccination strategy across the country continues with 510,000 doses applied in the last 24 hours. He also noted that national vaccination average is 86 percent.