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A decline in sargassum expected for Quintana Roo coast

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — While the worst may not yet be over, a decrease in the arrival of sargassum is expected in coming weeks.

According to Secretary of the Navy, the vast majority of washed up sargassum has been collected from public beaches, a collection that over the past three months, has been in excess of 26.5 thousand tons, with just over 1,000 tons collected a sea.

Officials say that between August and September, the amount of seaweed headed for the coast will decline. The latest report from Semar states that the significant amount of sargassum entering the Mexican Caribbean continues, but that the current that moves through the Yucatan Channel toward the Gulf of Mexico is expected to reduce the possibility of a massive landfall in Quintana Roo.

Lieutenant Reynaldo Vargas from the Oceanographic Institute of the Gulf and Caribbean of the Mexican Navy stated that while their latest reports indicate the arrival of more seaweed, a decline is expected for the next two weeks.

“By taking into account the trajectories through the current models and in accordance with the algal coverage observed during the last week, it is expected that the landfalls will take place on Xcalac, Mahahual, Sian Kaa’n, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, east and south coasts of Cozumel and in Puerto Morelos,” he said.

However, he added that a portion of the seaweed continues to move toward the Gulf of Mexico, which reduces the possibility of massive landfalls on the Quintana Roo coast for the next 15 days.