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Cancun airport set to land one of its largest planes

Cancun, Q.R. — Air control personnel at the Cancun International Airport are set to land one of its largest clients, an A350.

The large evelop! plane is set to land at the Cancun airport May 6 from its origin city of Madrid. The plane, which has a seating capacity of 432, is covering the new Madrid-Cancun route. Although the route has been in operation already, this is the first time an A350 from that city will be landing at Cancun.

The Spanish charter Evelop Airlines took possession of their first A350 plane March 28 of this year and anticipate an A350-900 wide-body aircraft next year. The company, which is based in Madrid, uses the planes for routes to various Caribbean destinations.

Darío Flota Ocampo, director of the Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo, explained that the aircraft will cover the Madrid-Cancun route, and although this route is already operating, the significance of the occasion is the size of the plane, adding that a reception is being prepared at the Cancun airport.

“Evelop belongs to the Barceló group which allows us a greater number of seats arriving at the destination from Europe,” he said. The Spanish market into Cancun has grown by 4 percent year-over-year for the last three, with nearly 184,000 Spanish tourists landing in Cancun last year.

Evelop Airlines are a subsidiary of Barceló Group and operates short and long-haul flights on behalf of tour operators, mainly out of Spain and Portugal. They make two flights per week into Cancun.