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Yucatan’s Port of San Crisanto home to more than 20,000 pink flamingos

Sinanché, Yucatan — More than 20,000 pink flamingos have landed at a mangrove reserve in the Port of San Crisanto. The government of Yucatan reported the birds in the Ciénagas y Manglares State Reserve, calling it an unusual event.

Normally the birds choose Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve in the eastern end of the state, but this year, they chose the 54,000-hectare reserve in the northern region. The 20,000 birds are of the American Flamingo species and, according to the Secretariat of Sustainable Development, are very susceptible to human presence, so any disturbance, no matter how small, can affect the reproductive process.

Since their arrival, preventive measures have been applied such as the installation of informative signs and restriction of the site, which the government adds, is being monitored by state authorities in the event of access by unauthorized personnel.