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Young Cozumel raccoons released after mother killed

Cozumel, Q.R. — Two young pygmy raccoons (Cozumel raccoons) have been released after they were orphaned when their mother was hit and killed by a vehicle.

The three-month-old raccoons were reported by an anonymous citizen and taken to SimiDog veterinary where Médico Veterinaria Zootecnista Edith Ochoa began feeding and taking care of them in order to return them to the wild.

The animal specialist explained that after the pups were treated, staff from the Centro de Educación Ambiental (CEA) verified their physical condition. After confirming their good health, they were returned to their habitat so they can continue their life in freedom.

She mentioned that pygmy raccoons are an endemic species of Cozumel and are protected by environmental laws since they remain in danger of extinction.

She also reiterated that drivers need to reduce speed when traveling on city roads and avoid events such as the one that resulted in the death of their mother.