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Xcaret fined 150,000 peso for the “human error” in death of minor

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Civil Protection of the municipality of Solidaridad has reported the maximum penalty for Grupo Xcaret to be 150,000 peso, around $7,400 USD, after the death of a minor inside one of their facilities.

Francisco Poot Kauil, head of the Ministry of Civil Protection of Solidaridad, announced that the company will pay a fine of 150,000 peso for the “human error” that caused the death of 13-year-old Leonardo Luna Guerrero after the child was sucked into a filtration system of the Riolajante attraction inside the Xenses water park.

The penalty, he explained, is because the park did not activate prevention protocols along with the late report of the accident. Poot Kauil pointed out that the accident happened on March 27, but was not reported by the park until March 31. He said the amount of the fine corresponds to the highest sanction that Civil Protection can apply.