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Workers continues to install new Isla Mujeres drainage system

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Work to install a new drainage system for the island of Isla Mujeres continues. Aguakan workers say only about 20 percent of the lines have been installed so far.

The new drainage system is being place in the northern urban area of the island. Once complete, it will benefit both residents and businesses who currently lack a direct hookup.

According to Aguakan, the new lines will provide correct drainage service to more than 2,000 people. The project to install the new drainage system began at the end of April and was projected for July completion.

The water and sewage company says the new underground system is being installed due to the increase in the demand for infrastructure and the accelerated growth of the island. More than 500 meters of PVC pipe are being laid below island streets at a cost of around 2 million peso.

Aguakan also reported that work will be done on the construction and commissioning of a new wastewater sump in the area of the Island’s Convention Center.