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Woman who reports faulty Playa del Carmen ATM discovers metal ruler in money slot

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Municipal Police officers responding to the complaint of a faulty ATM arrived to find it was jammed with a ruler. The incident happened at a set of ATMs located inside a Playa del Carmen bank foyer.

A woman was withdrawing cash when the machine dispensed her money but it failed to arrive through the slot. Two Municipal Officers responded to the 911 call regarding the faulty machine.

When they arrived, one of the officers located a metal ruler inside the slot. It was placed to prevent cash from leaving the machine. It is similar to a scam a few years ago when police located the slots of several central Playa del Carmen ATMs stuffed with paper.

The scam involved customers who arrived to withdraw cash but would leave believing their money was not dispensed. That is when the scamming slot stuffer would appear, making off with the left behind cash.

It was on Sunday morning when police found this latest scam. The Seguridad Pública Solidaridad (SSP) shared their recorded finding on social media. As soon as the officer removed the metal ruler, the woman’s cash appeared.

“Municipal police recovered the money of a person who reported to 911 the interruption in an ATM at the time of issuing her cash,” Solidaridad police said in a statement.