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Woman transferred to hospital for respiratory issues while snorkeling

Cabos San Lucas, Baja California Sur — Members of the Navy of Mexico transfered an elderly tourist from a snorkeling tour after she began to suffer from breathing problems.

The 65-year-old woman was snorkeling along Chilean beach when she began having breathing problems. Crew members of Cabo Rey requested immediate medical assistance. The Navy of Mexico responded with a medical evacuation.

In a statement, the Navy said “This action was carried out in response to an emergency call via VHF, received at the Operations Center of the ENSAR Los Cabos where the captain of said vessel reported that a 65-year-old female person was required to be evacuated, who presented respiratory problems at the end of snorkeling activities.”

“Once in the area, rescue swimmers boarded the vessel to evacuate and then transfer her to the pier of this naval command, where she was delivered to local medical services for hospital care.”