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Water and sewage network part of latest Puerto Morelos infrastructure projects

Puerto Morelos, Q. R. — A new water and sewage network in the municipality of Puerto Morelos will be used by over 3,000 residents. On Wednesday, Mayor Blanca Merari Tziu gave the start of the work that will include new drainage.

She said the drainage project is to reduce a long-standing lag in terms of urban infrastructure. The project will include the introduction of sanitary drainage and renovation of the drinking water network which will done by Aguakan.

The drainage network is being added along Timón Avenue and 45th, Mahogany and Ciricote Streets. The General Director of Aguakan, Paul Andrew Rangel, explained that the project will include the introduction of 250 meters of sanitary sewerage network and the renewal of 500 meters of the drinking water network.

He says the project is part of the 2023 comprehensive strategy to meet the hydraulic infrastructure needs generated by population growth.

After the network is installed, the Government of Puerto Morelos will pave more than 3,600 square meters of roads as part of the complementary work to the introduction of drainage and renovation of the drinking water network by Aguakan.

“In Puerto Morelos, we are on the right path, that of the continuous improvement of the urban infrastructure to make together a municipality that responds efficiently to the daily life needs of its inhabitants and an attractive center for tourism and investment for the benefit of all,” she said.