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Verbal altercation between two Playa del Carmen tourists lands both in hospital

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two ambulances rushed to the scene of what was reported to be a verbal altercation between a couple on Thursday. Both the male and female involved in the argument were seriously injured when their argument lead to one being stabbed.

Police and medical personnel were sent to the 70th Street and Fifth Avenue scene after reports of the fight. The woman is said to have stabbed her boyfriend in the neck during the altercation before jumping out a third story window.

Both were stabilized by paramedics before being rushed to hospital. The couple were Chilean tourirsts. The argrument happened in a vacation property they were renting in central Playa del Carmen. The woman’s jump is being treated as a suicide attempt.

The cause of the argument has not been made public, however, the Foreign Ministry has confirmed that the Chilean Consulate is aware of the situation and that they are “in contact with the relevant authorities and gathering further information.”