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Veracruz man arrested driving SUV involved in Cancun shooting

Cancun, Q.R. — A driver has been arrested and his GMC truck seized by police after it was found involved in a recent shooting. Cancun police noticed the white SUV was traveling on city streets with overlapping plates.

The Tuesday afternoon arrest took place in SM 307 of Bonfil after a review of the vehicle revealed that it is likely related to a bullet attack against a home in Region 95 two weeks ago. Police verified that the superimposed plates correspond to a Renault car, not the GMC. The serial number of the vehicle confirmed a theft report.

Police also noticed that the SUV had a bullet hole in the rear of the vehicle.

Cancun police arrested the driver of the unit, 26-year-old Luis Mario N., from Veracruz. He is being investigated for possession of the vehicle, which police noted, appears on surveillance cameras of an address that was shot shortly before dawn on September 16.

At that time, a person from inside the private home is alleged to have repelled the attack, leaving a bullet hole in the rear of the SUV.