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Venezuelan woman arrested in PDC for driving with fake documents and altered plates

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A woman who was stopped for driving a vehicle believed used in criminal activity was arrested on additional charges. Solidaridad Municipal Transit Police arrested 31-year-old Estefania“N” from Venezuela Wednesday.

She was taken into custody after being stopped for driving a vehicle believed used in a crime and presenting false documents. According to the Solidaridad Police report, patrolling city officers were notified of the Volkswagen Gol through the C2.

It was reported that the Gol was believed “ related to a criminal act, so elements of Municipal Transit moved to Playa del Carmen Boulevard at the height of CTM Avenue” where they located the car.

Police stopped the driver who identified herself as 31-year-old Estefania “N” from Venezuela. She gave officers a circulation card that did not match the data reflected in the national system. The card also did not have the corresponding security features. Police also learned that the car’s license plates were altered.

She was arrested and handed over to the State Attorney General’s Office.