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Unionized workers demand transparency from Tulum hotel

Tulum, Q.R. — Dozens of workers protested outside their place of employment over the weekend demanding transparency and improved working conditions. More than two dozen Tulum hotel workers held signs and protested with a bullhorn regarding the lack of transparency of their tips, along with food and uniform issues.

The unionized workers were demading the hotel respect their collective agreement. After failed attempts at talks, they took to the street.

“We demand justice because we are unionized and the unions are there to demand the rights that are being violated by the company,” shouted a hotel worker through his bullhorn.

“Everyone here knows that there is no transparency, that the amounts being given to us is not the full amount which is why we demand transparency,” the bullhorn operator added.

In February of 2021, workers from the same Tulum hotel protested outside claiming forced working hours without bonus pay. In that instance, the situation was resolved after an agreement between the CROC union leaders and hotel.