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Uber continues to operate ‘not illegally’ in legal loophole

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Uber can operate because they are deregulated, not illegal reported Rodrigo Alcázar Urrutia, the Director of the state’s Mobility Institute. He clarified that the rideshare company is operating in a legal loophole.

Since they are not considered public they can provide the service without breaking any laws since the laws have not yet been created. Urrutia said that “there is a gap in the law, so they can operate because they are not regulated nor is there any sanction that can be applied to them.”

He also said that 18 taxi drivers will have their concessions revoked due to the recent attacks on Uber operators. That process continues, he said.

“They are in the process of investigation within the Prosecutor’s Office and we are in the process of notifying the partners,” he explained adding that there is a total of 40 requests from the Cancun City Council to have concessions revoked for damage caused to public communication routes.

An update to the State’s Mobility Law legalizing Uber and other digital platforms has not yet been announced, however, authorities have said it could happen by the end of March.