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Two U.S. citizens imprisoned for entering Mexico with more than 200 boxes of bullets

Los Algodones, Baja California — Two U.S. citizens have been imprisoned after being arrested by elements of the National Guard. They were arrested at the Algodones checkpoint near the Mexico -U.S. border after authorities found them transporting more than 200 boxes of ammunition.

In a statement, the National Guard and National Customs Agency of Mexico reported finding several packages containing 225 boxes of various caliber bullets on the floor of the back seat of a truck.

The two unnamed Americans were pulled over after a visual passing by an element of the National Guard who saw the boxes. The driver of the truck was traveling in a lane used by those who decide not to declare goods or objects of value.

A physical inspection confirmed the visual sighting. A count revealed 1,700 bullets of different calibers, which are illegal to possess or enter the country with.