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Two suffer extensive injuries in Tulum condo gas blast

Tulum, Q.R. — Two people from inside a Tulum condo were rushed to hospital with extensive burns after an LP gas explosion. On Saturday morning, a gas accumulation inside a main floor apartment-condo exploded in Selva Norte in west Tulum.

The report of the explosion came through emergency channels around 7:35 a.m. Saturday by neighbors. According to reports, the explosion shook the entire building, sending many to the upper level.

Tulum firemen inspect the inside of the completely destroyed unit. Photo: November 18, 2023.

At the scene, police, paramedics, firemen and responding Army and Civil Protection personnel arrived to a blown-out bottom unit. Firemen inspected the stationary tank where the gas was fed into the apartment.

A Tulum fireman inspects the stationary tank that fed the bottom floor apartment that exploded. Photo: November 18, 2023.

It is not known how the LP gas became accumulated inside the unit, if there was a line leak or a forgotten unlit appliance.

Authorities inspecting the inside of the main floor apartment found it completely destroyed. All the windows and doors were blown out.

All the windows and doors of the bottom floor unit were blown out from the LP explosion. Photo: November 18, 2023.

Large shards of glass littered the yard outside the bottom apartment of the three-level unit that exploded.

The bottom unit of the three-level building exploded from an LP gas accumulation Saturday morning. Photo: November 18, 2023.

Two people, both reported to be owners, suffered second and third degree burns in the LP gas blast. Both were treated for extensive injuries at the scene before being taken to Tulum hospital. Both have reportedly since been transferred to a Playa del Carmen hospital.

Two people suffered extensive injuries in the Saturday morning blast. Photo: November 18, 2023.

Civil Protection personnel continue to work with Tulum firemen on an official cause of the explosion.