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Two sea turtle nests found early on the island of Cozumel

Cozumel, Q.R. — The arrival of sea turtles has already been recorded on the island of Cozumel with the early nesting of two females. On Monday, two nests were discovered on the eastern coast of the Island.

While sea turtle nesting generally begins in mid-May, these nests were found three weeks early. Island environmental officials are asking the public to be aware of early nests, noting that in recent years, the arrival of the sea turtles has been changing.

The Municipal Deputy Director of Ecology, Mauricio Martín Mendoza points out that due to the continued hot weather, local beaches are extremely busy and that people should be aware of the early nesting season. He asks that people take care, especially when staking beach umbrellas in the sand adding that vehicles will no longer be allowed on beaches at night.

For the nests, he says people should not remove the wooden stake markers made to reference the location of laid sea turtle eggs. Martín Mendoza reports that the two early nests were found on the Punta Chiqueros beach, on the eastern coast of the island.