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Two-meter crocodile removed from Cozumel beach

Cozumel, Q.R. — Firemen along with other rescue personnel managed to remove a crocodile that was seen cooling off on a Cozumel beach.

Firemen responded to the report of the crocodile which was seen on a beach in the southern hotel zone of the island. Although the two-meter reptile was simply cooling off, local officials helped firemen remove and relocated it to a mangrove.

The call came after beachgoers saw the reptile emerge from shallow waters.

Personnel of Guardavidas, firemen and Navy search and rescue tied the reptile and transferred it aboard a National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conap) vehicle where it was released into a mangrove away from people.

Conap says that due to the long periods of intense heat in the region, combined with a lack of rain, the crocodile was simply in search of water to cool off while also searching for food.