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Two killed in Playa del Carmen LP gas explosion

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An LP gas explosion inside a Playa del Carmen house has killed at least two people. Firemen were at the scene 10:00 p.m. Sunday after neighbor reports of the Misión del Carmen subdivision explosion.

An elderly woman, 74, and her adopted son, 17, were reported killed. Neighbors were able to aid in the rescue of three others from inside the home, all of whom are said to be sisters.

According to early information, the LP explosion happened when someone from inside the home lit a candle. A gas accumulation from a leaking line that ran from the outside tank to the inside of the home turned into a fireball due to the lighted candle.

PDC firemen pulled the two deceased from inside the ruined house. The deceased woman’s three adult daughters were rescued. Their injuries, if any, are not known. The family was visiting Playa del Carmen from Tapachula when the accident happened.