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Two arrested after two Cancun teens killed in hit and run

Cancun, Q.R. — Two men were taken into police custody in Cancun after two teenaged girls died Monday. The two sister teens died after being hit by a car that fled.

Witnesses to the Avenida Los Tules accident managed to follow the car to its parked location. From there, police were able to verify the vehicle and make arrests.

The deadly hit and run happened late Monday night in SM 247. One of the teens was pronounced on scene. The second died in Cancun hospital. The two girls, Melissa and Jimena, were aged 16 and 17.

According to the teen’s mother, she was walking with her two daughters when they were hit by a red Nissan car. The driver of the vehicle is alleged to have driven up onto the sidewalk where he ran over both girls. The car kept going.

Melissa, 16, was pronouced on scene by responding paramedics. Jimena, 17, died shortly after being admitted to hospital.

Police in Cancun have arrested the driver, 45-year-old Felipe “S” from Tabasco and his passenger, 51-year-old Manuel “M”.