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Two armed drug dealers taken off Tulum streets

Tulum, Q.R. — Quintana Roo police in Tulum have removed two armed drug dealers from city streets. The arrest of the pair was made Friday after they were found in possession of 289 street doses of various drugs and each armed with a gun.

Police say the pair were taken into custody during a routine surveillance tour on Alfa Sur Street after officers noticed two subjects, one with plastic bags in his hands and the other, carrying a firearm in his right.

When they saw police, both attempted to flee on their motorcycle but were intercepted and taken into custody. Tulum police report the detainment of 33-year-old José N and 25-year-old Luis N. On their person, police found two guns and ammo along with 99 doses of marijuana, 83 of white crystal and eight doses of pink crystal, 53 of crack cocaine, 17 doses of LSD, 15 doses of ecstasy and 14 doses of hallucinogens.