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Tulum’s Punta Piedra beach has not been privatized says Zofemat

Tulum, Q.R. — The director of Zofemat says the Punta Piedra public beach has not been privatize, nor will it be. The clarification came after posts were placed in the beach area to prevent vehicles from entering.

The director of la Zona Federal Marítimo Terrestre (Zofemat) Jorge Alberto Lamas Valverde, remarked that Punta Piedra will not be privatized or granted concessions, explaining that the posts were added to prevent the entry of cars and trucks due to the risk it poses for turtle nests. He says that vehicles on the beach also pose a risk to freely wandering beachgoers, noting that often, the vehicles also become trapped in the sand.

He said that since the barriers were placed to prevent the entry of vehicles, false stories have emerged that the space had been privatized, but the measure was applied because many tourists and residents of the municipality drove their vehicles on the beach without considering that this, like many other areas of Tulum, is a sea turtle nesting area.

“Punta Piedra is an emblematic beach of Tulum and in no way is being contemplated to prevent the free access and enjoyment of this beach to the citizens and tourists who visit us,” he said.

“The goal of Mayor Víctor Mas Tah is to preserve our environment and biodiversity. Only the passage of cars has being prevented.”

He says visitors to the public beach may park on the land adjacent to the road, as they traditionally do, but no longer invade the sandy beach area due to the risk of affecting turtle nests.