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Tulum woman to stand trial in murder of her own mother

Tulum, Q.R. — A Tulum woman who was arrested earlier this week for murder will stand trial. A judge has ordered Blanca Estela “N” to stand trial in the murder of her mother.

Blanca Estela “N” has been officially charged with qualified homicide after police arrived at her home November 6 to investigate her report of the disappearance of her mother.

While at the home, Blanca Estela “N” refused to cooperate and is alleged to have become physically abusive with the investigating officers. According to the State Attorney General (FGE) report, the accused reported her mother as disappeared on November 1 of this year.

“Agents of the Investigative Police found the victim’s body in an advanced state of decomposition inside a cistern when they went to the home of Blanca Estela “N” in order to collect data for the location of the supposedly missing woman.

“During this procedure, the person currently involved was aggressive and hit one of the agents, opposing the search of the home from which foul odors emanated, so they proceeded to inspect the property, finding the body of Blanca’s mother, Stela “N”.”

A judge has ordered Blanca Estela “N” to remain in preventive detention for the duration of the process.

In their initial report of the arrest of Blanca Estela “N”, the FGE said “the two women had an argument due to personal differences, a situation that led to the physical assault of Blanca Estela “N” and to the detriment of the victim, whose cause of death was asphyxiation due to suffocation.”