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Tulum inagurates inclusive beach, central walkways for disabled

Tulum, Q.R. — With an investment of more than 3.8 million peso, Governor Carlos Joaquín and the president of the DIF System of Quintana Roo Gaby Rejón, inaugurated several areas of Tulum that cater to the disabled.

Public officials were on hand for the inauguration of Tulum’s inclusive beach as well as detectable warning pavers for the visually impaired.

“To help reduce inequality and for all people to enjoy the beaches with total mobility, together we promote equipment for the integration of those who need it,” said the governor of Quintana Roo.

Tulum is now fully equipped with an inclusive beach at Playa Maya that offers the disabled amphibious chairs and walkers. In the downtown center, 1,600 meters of inclusive pedestrian paths of tactile paving have been added to help the visually impaired detect when they are about to leave the sidewalk and enter the street.

The center of the city is also outfitted with six audio traffic lights in Tulum’s main shopping area.