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Tulum firemen spend nearly an hour freeing driver in highway crash

Tulum, Q.R. — It took more than an hour for firefighters to remove the driver from his compact car after it was involved in a highway crash. The accident was reported by motorists late Friday night along a section of the Federal 307 highway in the municipality of Tulum.

Emergency personnel arrived to find the front of a compact car had been crushed after making contact with the side of a semi trailer. The small car came to a rest against the semi’s gas tank, which was caused diesel to leak onto the road.

The two vehicles met in the center of the highway when the driver of the loaded semi was in the middle of a U-turn. National Guard arrived at the scene to provide traffic security while firemen worked to free the sole occupant of the black car.

Firemen spent the better part of an hour trying to free the driver from behind the wheel of his vehicle while fuel continued to spill. The male driver was eventually freed and transferred to Tulum hospital. The driver of the semi was detained by police from the scene.