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Truck driver snags lines leaving part of Playa del Carmen without power

Playa del Carmen, Q. R. — Police presence was stepped up in several western areas of Playa del Carmen Wednesday night after a power outage. According to Seguridad Pública y Tránsito Solidaridad, a truck traveling 26th Street and 115th Avenue toppled two poles.

The two felled poles left several areas without electricity. With darkened neighborhoods, police increased their presence in Bellavista, Ejido, a part of Misión de las Flores, Real Bilbao subdivision and Constituyentes Avenue.

The accident happened around 11:00 p.m., leaving a large section of the west in the dark. CFE personnel were called in to make the repairs, which in both cases, required the installation of new poles.

In a breifing, Seguridad Pública y Tránsito Solidaridad reported “Given the lack of electricity in neighborhoods such as Bellavista, Ejido, a part of Misión de las Flores, the Real Bilbao subdivision and Constituyentes Avenue, the Municipal Police of Solidaridad reinforced its presence and surveillance.

“The lack of light stems from a semi trailer accident that caused the fall of two light poles on 26th street between 115th and 120th Avenues.”

Municipal Police of Solidaridad patrolled the areas “for greater peace of mind for the inhabitants while the crews of the CFE Federal Electricity Commission work on the repairs.”