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Traveler arrested at Cancun airport found carrying $300,000 cash, tickets

Cancun, Q.R. — Federal police at the Cancun International Airport have arrested a passenger who was discovered carrying approximately $300,000 in cash.

La Policía Federal have reported the arrest of an unidentified person who was taken into custody Thursday after an inspection of their luggage revealed various airline tickets as well as a large sum of unclaimed cash.

Upon inspection, the luggage belonging to the unidentified traveller revealed not only airline tickets, but also cash in a variety of currencies including $293,000 USD, $600 CAD, 5,700 Euros and 300 Swiss franc, all without the necessary documentation.

The traveller was bound for the city of Monterrey, however, police did not mention where the traveller had arrived from. The individual was arrested and taken to the Agent of the Public Ministry of the Federation for an investigation.