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Transit finds Felipe Carrillo Puerto road blocked by overturned truck debris

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Transit officials responding to the report of a Saturday afternoon accident found an overturned dump truck. The truck, which was located laying on its passenger’s side in a highway ditch, left debris scattered across the road.

One of the highway’s two lanes had to be closed due to lose gravel, bricks and tires that flew out of the bed of the truck. The driver was heading toward Chetumal when the weight of his heavy load shifted, causing the vehicle to overturn.

Paramedics and Transit elements attended the scene at kilometer 5 of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto bypass. According to driver information, the truck fell onto its side after he accidentally swerved too far over the shoulder into the highway greenery.

His wheels caught in the soft dirt and the weight of his load prevented him from correcting the swerve and rejoining the road. The driver was not injured.