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Traditional Isla Mujeres streetlights being replaced with solar

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — State government officials have given the go-ahead to replace traditional Isla Mujeres streetlights with new solar powered options.

Arturo Herrera Gutiérrez, the secretario de Hacienda y Crédito Público along with state governor Carlos Joaquín González and Isla Mujeres municipal president, Juan Carrillo Soberanis, have approved the replacement of traditional public lighting with new solar energy in the Continental Zone of the municipality.

Herrera Gutiérrez stressed that Quintana Roo is one of the fastest growing states in the country and therefore, they are frequently analyzing strategies for such growth to be carried out harmoniously without forgetting the citizens.

“Our job is to contribute to the problems of each state. Here we have no lack of employment or economic scarcity, but there are other types of inconveniences, among them is mobility, so we support and approve these types of projects that benefit everyone greatly,” he explained.

Carlos Joaquín González said that urban infrastructure issues, in this case public lighting, are very important and a priority for Quintana Roo. “Demographic growth forces the installation of public services in the interest that people can live better. I thank the secretary for approving the work and providing part of these funds that are very important for the state.”

Municipal president Carrillo Soberanis noted that the project is being done with the resource from the Metropolitan Fund, which when complete, will benefit more than 20,000 residents along the 8 kilometers of new lighting.

“We will begin the project where conventional lamps will be replaced by solar street lighting in the main avenues of the urban part of the Continental Zone, which undoubtedly, in addition to being of higher durability, have an important benefit to the environment.

There are three large projects, two along the main avenues and one along Avenida Ramal to Punta Sam, the latter of which, is located at the entrance of the tourist development zone where there are 7,000 hotel rooms and 1,600 more about to open,” he said.

Carrillo Soberanis explained that the first phase of the replacement project will be 3 kilometers along Avenida Químico Pastrana where 246 streetlamps will be replaced (every 25 meters), which when done, will benefit the 7,400 local area residents.

The second phase will be 3.8 kilometers along Gastón Alegre López Avenue where 304 streetlamps will be placed and 152 concrete posts and bases will be added benefiting those 6,700 area residents.

The third phase will be along Ramal Avenue to Punta Sam, which is located at the entrance of the tourist development zone, where 1.5 linear kilometers consisting of 120 lamps will be erected for those 8,500 residents.

He said that among the benefits with the new lights are the environmentally friendly material. Each lamp will consist of 120w white LED bulbs with 18v solar panel and a 12.8v internal lithium battery, made of aluminum material with polycarbonate alloy.