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Tourist Card ‘courtesy infraction’ program to be reinstated for rentals

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The state of Quintana Roo is in the process of reactivating its Tourist Card. The card is given to visitors by agencies who rent cars while in the state. The card allows tourists courtesy driving infractions and is meant to deter Transit agent corruption against rental car drivers.

Cancun Councilor, Alma Reynoso Zambrano, who chairs the Public Security, Preventive Police and Traffic Commission, says they are about 90 percent along in the reinstatement.

She says the goal is to relaunch the Tourist Card before the start of the December holiday season. The reinstatement involves the Quintana Roo Mobility Institute (IMOVEQROO) as well as the associations of car rental companies.

“All of us want to protect our tourists. The issuance of the card will be done through the rental companies. There will be a controlled number of cards. Tourists will place the card in sight inside the rental unit,” Zambrano said.

The card specifies in both Spanish and English which driving errors are expempt and which are not, she said. “For example, driving while drunk or talking on a cell phone” is not exempt, however, minor driving infractions, “a minor offense” will be allowed with the courtesy card, she explained.

Alma Reynoso Zambrano says they are hoping to have the card operational by December. Photo: November 8, 2023.

The objective is to take care of tourists and reduce cases of corruption to a measure that will be stipulated in the Traffic Regulations, she said. While they prepare to reinstate the system, it must still be approved by Benito Juarez City Hall, but, she says, they are expecting to have it in effect before the December holiday season.

The Tourist Card was initially implemented in the state of Quintana Roo in December of 2016, but was eventually phased out. At the time, the card allowed tourist drivers two courtesy minor traffic infractions in any of the state’s municipalities.

Zambrano did not say if the Tourist Card program being reinstated will follow the same rules.