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Three detained in deadly ‘settling of scores’ between Cancun drug dealers

Cancun, Q.R. — Three males have been detained in relation to a June murder in the city of Cancun. The suspects were arrested Friday in relation to the chase and subsequent shooting death of a man.

Uzziel “M”, Francisco “C” and Ángel “B” are accused of murdering a man in SM 251 of Cancun on June 16 of this year. According to the FGE report, the men are alleged to have shot the victim while he was running from them in the vicinity of Superblock 251.

“The victim, realizing that he was being pursued by the defendants, entered an establishment to protect himself where finally one of them shoots him several times with a firearm and then fled in a compact car,” the FGE reported.

The state agency also noted that the shooting was drug-related, that it “occurred in the context of drug dealing,” and is being looked at as a “settling of scores between criminal gangs that operate in the state.”