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Three Cancun drivers jailed for exchanging insults on public road

Cancun, Q.R. — For arguing on a public street and disrupting public order, three Cancun drivers were arrested. On Tuesday, two Cancun taxi drivers and one Uber driver were hauled off to jail for causing a disturbance.

Police made the arrests after the trio were found arguing in the form of verbally and/or physically assaulting one another on a public street. They were finally taken into custody for failing to comply with the instructions of authorities.

Cancun police found the three drivers arguing at Kilometer 9.5 of Kukulcán Boulevard in the Cancun Hotel Zone. They were noticed by patrolling officers due to their badly parked vehicles.

In a brief statement, the SSP of QR said police “noticed a gray vehicle, Dodge Attitude model, badly parked in which there was a woman who was arguing and insulting some drivers from the Andrés Quintana Roo Union the same woman who said she worked as an Uber driver.”

The female Uber driver said she arrived at a spot to provide a service, but failed to see the spot was reserved for taxi drivers and they prevented her from picking up her passenger.

However, the two taxi drivers accused the woman of intentionally provoking them, which lead to their argument. When the trio ignored police requests to stop, they were arrested. Two taxi drivers, 64 and 48 year old men, and a 53-year-old Uber driver, were taken to jail for the afternoon.