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Three arrest warrants issued after 10 Coahuila miners drown

Sabinas, Coahuila — Three arrest warrants have been issued in the flooding of a mine that is believed to have claimed the lives of at least 10 miners. On Sunday, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) reported the warrants after the start of their investigation August 5.

In a statement, the FGR said that the flooded mine that took the lives of the miners was owned by the mining company El Pinabete SA de CV and that three arrest warrants have been issued, without providing details of who the warrants are for.

The three warrants were granted after an “August 11 hearing against a person for his probable responsibility in the acts of direction and administration in the illegal exploitation of the subsoil through the mine of El Pinabete mineral coal, failing to comply with the obligations that the law imposes on those who carry out this type of activity.

“Likewise, continuing the investigations, it was proven that two other people incurred criminal responsibility for having illegally allowed mineral coal exploitation activities to be carried out in the mining well located in the town of Agujita, municipality of Sabinas, Coahuila, where 10 miners remain trapped.”

Only one of the coal miners was able to get out before the mine flooded. At least 10 miners were left trapped inside. Since then, Profepa has shut 29 mines across the country that have been deemed unsafe.