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Thousands of manta rays pass Oaxaca beaches

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca — Thousands of manta rays were seen this week off the shores of Oaxaca, offering a spectacular natural sight.

The large fever of rays were spotted in the shallow waters of Puerto Escondido in the state of Oaxaca, surprising those lucky enough to see them. The rays passed by the beach of the town of Bajos Chila in the municipality of San Pedro Mixtepec, forming a massive dark spot in the water.

Photos of the mantas were captured using a drone. Although their presence along the beach area is not new, it was the sheer number of them that caught the attention of of environmentalists, said Hugo Ibáñez López of the Vivemar cooperative dedicated to environmental protection.

Ibáñez López says that the fever of manta rays was in the thousands adding that “It was a spectacle of nature.

“We watched their route from a boat. They were in the thousands and very playful. When they reached the sardines, they jumped to eat them. A natural spectacle,” he said.