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The LGBTTTIQ community in Tulum hold a demonstration after the arrest of 3 for kissing on beach

Tulum, Q.R. — Members of the LGBTTTIQ community in Tulum held a demonstration against violence Monday. The demonstration came after three men, two of whom were a couple, were arrested on a Tulum beach the week before for kissing in public.

On Saturday, Tulum mayor Víctor Mas Tah met with Jan Novak, representative of Playa Pride, and Ricardo Contreras, one of the three people involved in the incident, to hear their side and also reiterate that Tulum is committed to all its visitors, to diversity, respect and freedom.

“We want to guarantee that these events are not repeated,” said Mas Tah. “What happened is in no way in accordance with the values and position of the current administration. We will hold dialogue tables with organized civil society to learn their opinions and work together to prevent an act such as the one on the beach from happening again,” he said.

Julio Villalobos Villagómez, head of the Tourism Directorate has said that an internal investigation is in the works to delineate responsibilities of the public servants involved. Tulum policemen, he added, will receive training on diversity, respect, tolerance and human rights.

“We have always been characterized by respect and diversity, both in ideas and preferences. This is a destination classified as gay friendly with inclusive and respectful places. We work hand-in-hand with all sectors to promote respect for diversity and human rights and in the construction of a better society,” Villalobos explained.