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Taxi drivers protest over judicial decision of Cancun Uber

Cancun, Q.R. — Thousands of state taxi drivers protested Wednesday over a judicial decision of Cancun Uber. Although the final decision on Uber’s fate to operate legally in Cancun has been put on hold, the drivers protested anyway.

On Wednesday, a judge continued with the legal decision to declare the company as public or private.

During the day, taxi drivers from around the state held protests in the streets in disagreeance with the possible outcome that Uber will be allowed to operate. On Wednesday, a fourth federal district judge put the decision on hold after Uber requested an Amparo to be classified as private and not public transportation.

In anticipation of the decision, thousands of taxi drivers from around the state protested the possible positive outcome that would allow them to operate in the tourist municipalities. During their protests, they threatened to strike if Uber was granted a concession.

Dozens of taxi drivers sat in front of the federal court facilities in Cancun waiting for the judge’s decision. The court is expected to announce their decision in coming days.