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Suitcase being loaded into car marked by passing Playa del Carmen narcotics dog

Playa del Carmen, Q. R. — A narcotics dog walking 12th Street with his handler marked a suitcase positive for an illegal substance. The identification lead to the discovery of packages of narcotics and the arrets of two.

Municipal Police made the arrests Wednesday during a street patrol with a narcotics dog. While walking along 12th Street and 20th Avenue, the dog picked up a scent from a suitcase being loaded into a car.

Police approached the two men, both in their twenties, and inspected the suitcase. Inside, they located 36 packages of various narcotics.

According to a statement by Solidaridad Public Safety and Transit, 24-year-old José “N” from Tabasco and 28-year-old Juan “N” from Pachuca were arrested. The pair were detected by the dog while standing next to their Yaris.

An inspection of the suitcase marked by the dog revealed 23 packages with possible marijuana, one determined to be cocaine, one of crack and another with a substance to be determined.

The pair were taken into custody from outside a central bus terminal.

Before police left the area, they found another 10 packages of marijuana that had been disguised as sweet bread. The packages were found abandoned.