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Solidaridad readies to take over garbage collection routes after awarded company fails

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Playa del Carmen city council has voted in favor of an intervention into the municipality’s garbage collection service. The council voted in favor of intervening into the recently won legal battle for company Redesol to take over 10 routes.

However, since they won the right to those routes, Playa del Carmen mayor Lili Campos says they have failed to provide the service.

“In order to take care of the image of the tourist destination and protect the health of the people of Solidaridad in the face of the failure of the Solid and Liquid Waste Company (Redesol) to resume garbage collection on the routes that correspond to it, the Cabildo de Solidaridad, headed by mayor Lili Campos, approved to temporarily intervene in said concession to resume service in Puerto Aventuras and the tourist area of Playa del Carmen, with trucks and own resources.”

President Lili Campos said that the matter is considered urgent since “the concessionaire, by not resuming its functions, has caused damage to the 10 routes that this company is in charge of, as well as an inherited legal dispute by the previous administration, who acted arbitrarily and illegally by disobeying a ruling that stipulated installing the service in said government administration.”

For this reason, the mayor of Solidaridad gave instructions to the head of the Ministry of Public Services, Benny Millán Parra, to immediately reestablish the service on these routes and, with this, collect the nearly 500 tons of garbage already accumulated.

Nunicipal trustee, Adrián Pérez Vera, reported that based on said agreement, which was approved by the Cabildo, Redesol will have a final three-day deadline to appear at the facilities of the Ministry of Public Services and, in turn, resume the routes that have been assigned to them since 2012, otherwise, further action will be taken to revoke said concession.

“For the purposes of resolving said emergency, the Cabildo approved the agreement that appoints lawyer Félix Antonio López Olave as Legal and Advisory Secretary, who is already taking action on the matter to prepare the legal strategy and the legal action mechanisms in case this company is not reincorporated in the period established in this session,” the city reported.