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Solidaridad gets 35 new high tech police units

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — City council members of the municipality of Solidaridad made their public presentation Wednesday of its new police units.

The municipality now has an additional 35 high-tech police units that will patrol the municipality including Puerto Aventuras.

Martín Estrada, director of the Secretariat of Public Safety of Solidaridad had the 35 new vehicles on display at 28 de Julio, saying that they are new, leased and high-tech.

The 35 new units include 15 pick-up trucks and 20 SUVs that will help reinforce security in the municipality. He said “They have front and rear cameras and Matra radios, which are officially used at the national level.”

He explained that the new police units have front and rear cameras to record the actions of police and activities of detainees so all procedures are respected and transparent.

He added that in coming days, 10 new Vulcan 1100 motorcycles will arrive to cover road issues. They too, will be used throughout the municipality including Puerto Aventuras.