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Six injured, one killed in Cancun highway accident

Cancun, Q.R. — A woman lost her life on Sunday afternoon from a two-vehicle car collision that happened along the Cancun-Leona Vicario road when a lane-change allegedly went wrong.

Passersby reported the accident to emergency personnel at 3:30 p.m. after a white Honda slammed into the driver’s side of a gray Pointer. The driver of the Pointer was pinned and required help from firemen to be freed from behind the steering wheel of his vehicle.

Two teenagers inside the Pointer were also injured and required hospital care. The deceased was the 45-year-old female front seat passenger of the Pointer who was thrown from the vehicle on impact. She was found laying on the roadway next to the car. Unofficial reports say she was the wife of the driver of the Pointer.

The driver and two passengers from the Honda were also injured and required hospital care. In total, six people were left with injuries and one woman killed.

Preliminary reports say the accident was caused by the 19-year-old Honda Civic driver, who allegedly made an untimely lane change.