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Six found with tactical gear, guns arrested in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — During a routine surveillance tour in Cancun, city police report the arrest of six males who they say were carrying illegal firearms.

The arrests took place in SM 107 of Cancun when they were pulled over by police for inspection. The group of men were traveling in a vehicle registered to del Corporativo Ameth Energi Solution of Americas.

The six men claimed they worked for a private security agency. Upon inspection, police found the group carrying several firearms and ammunition. They were unable to provide police with the necessary documentation to carry the weapons.

All six were taken into custody. Arrested were 40-year-old Rigoberto G.M. from the State of Mexico along with 20-year-old Gustavo M.O. from Tabasco. Also arrested were William Alfonso P.C., 34 of Yucatán, Carlos Asunción C.R., 26 from Tabasco, José Manuel M.H., 24 from Tabasco who claimed to be the security supervisor and finally Bartolo M.G., 36, also from Tabasco.

Along with weapons and ammunition, six tactical vests and one ballistic vest were found in their possession.