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Sinaloa Cartel branch ringleader captured in Cancun on U.S. issued arrest warrant

Cancun, Q.R. — A man considered one of the ringleaders of a Sinaloa Cartel branch has been captured in Cancun. On Monday, Lamadrid Soto of Los Paredes was taken into custody by Interpol agents.

Soto is believed in charge of trafficking drugs to the U.S. states of Arizona and New Mexico from the Mexican state of Sonora.

Elements of the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) arrested the man identified as Lamadrid Soto, alias “el Delta”, in Cancun Monday. He is considered one of the leaders of the criminal cell Los Paredes, a branch of the Sinaloa Cartel.

In collaboration with agents from the FGR assigned to Interpol, Navy personnel located Lamadrid Soto in Cancun. He was captured on an outstanding arrest warrant issued by the U.S. for extradition for his alleged responsibility in organized crime and drug trafficking.

Naval reports indicate that the town of Agua Prieta, Sonora is the main area of influence of Lamadrid Soto and Los Paredes, considering it the “seat of power” of the Paredes empire. Soto was arrested in Tucson, Arizona in 2007, but managed to escape police custody during a home search.