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Roadside breathalyzers to return to Cancun in New Year

Cancun, Q.R. — As part of the requirements of the new mobility law, the city of Cancun will reinstate roadside breathalyzers. The Benito Juarez Secretary of Public Security, José Pablo Mathey Cruz, said that 1.2 million peso has already been invested for the purchase of equipment.

The breathalyzers should be reinstated by the end of January.

“We have a deadline for all the equipment to be purchased, however we are analyzing the protocols so that we can start in mid or late January,” he said adding that part of the new program will ensure transparency and a lack of corruption, something that has been a problem in the past.

He said another area they are looking into is the use of tow truck companies. Mathy Cruz said they are analyzing how to work with tow truck companies to prevent charge abuses for those charged with impaired driving.

He said the city needs to reinstate the roadside breath test not only because it is part of the new mobility law for 2023, but because the city of Cancun registers around 15 alcohol-related accidents per day, most of which, occur at night.

“Some have fatal consequences, but the vast majority are only injured,” he said adding that “the accidents are having a great impact on the city in repair costs to posts, sidewalks and other city infrastructure,” he said.