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Restricted beach access a problem around Mexico

Cancun, Q.R. — Officials with the government of Mexico say people cannot continue to confuse a concession with privatization, preventing free beach access to the public.

Dr. Simón Levy-Dabbah, Subsecretario of Planeación y Política Turística del Gobierno de México says “one cannot continue to confuse a concession with the right to prevent the passage of citizens to privatize public access to beaches.

“Mexico’s tourism policy will be in accordance with what the law says,” he confirmed.

In many areas around the state of Quintana Roo, beach access points in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Xcacel, Xcacelito and Chemuyil are only some of the places where businesses with concessions have attempted to make their beach private by either preventing access, or preventing the public from walking on the beach, which is a federal zone.

Levy-Dabbah said that no national beach will restrict the way to what is owned by all Mexicans.

Restricted beach access is an issue in other areas of the country including Manzanillo. Levy-Dabbah said that public access for pedestrians to Las Brisas Beach in the tourist city of Manzanillo, was closed several years ago.

“Three months ago, this access was made, but we will work with the municipal president of Manzanillo, Griselda Martínez and the Manzanillo API to reopen the initial access,” he said.

“No beach in Mexico will restrict the way to what is owned by all Mexicans. Free public beach access. The beaches of Mexico belong to everyone,” he stressed.