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Residents of irregular Cancun communities protest excessive CFE charges

Cancun, Q.R. — Two municipal authorities of Cancun City Council attended to a road block Friday that was set up by a group of residents. The group of a several dozen blocked both lanes of José López Avenue in protest of what they say, are excessive CFE fees.

The residents were from several irregular communities that included el Milagro, el Trébol, Avante, Tres Reyes, Santa Cecilia and Colonia México who say they do not have regular meters monitoring their power usage, and after three years of making requests, the CFE has yet to install any.

Instead, the irregular communities pay a lump sum per month for general usage, usage that is not officially metered. It was around noon when they arrived and closed the road with rocks, demanding to talk with CFE officials.

Rodrigo Ramos, director of the municipal government and José Pablo Mathey Cruz, municipal secretary of public security, arrived to talk with the protesting residents. During talks, one lane was opened to allow traffic flow while city authorities agreed to contact CFE personnel to discuss their issues.