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Random covid tests at Cancun tianguis producing an average of three positives per day

Cancun, Q.R. — The implementation of more strict covid measures around street market areas of Cancun has averaged three new cases per day. According to Melitón Ortega Ramítez, President of the Union of Tianguistas in Quintana Roo, the additional sanitary filters are detecting asymptomatic people.

He said that between their four to five hour-long operation per day, approximately 90 covid tests are performed which produces at least one positive result. Over the past eight days, he says 24 infected people, who were out shopping at Cancun tianguis markets, were detected as positive for covid.

Ortega Ramítez explained that they are working in coordination with the Ministry of Health in applying the sanitary filters and covid tests. Those who tested positive were denied access to the market to avoid further infecting others and forwarded to wards for adequate treatment. He added that a majority of those who tested positive were asymptomatic.

“This helps us a lot, having the tests here, free, because everyone takes advantage of it. It is not a requirement to enter the street market, what we do ask is that they wear the mask, that they wash their hands, but participating in the test is optional, although some ask for it,” he said.