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Puerto Morelos prepares for upcoming forest fire fighting season

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Puerto Morelos has installed a brigade of forest fire fighters for the upcoming season. On Tuesday, Puerto Morelos Mayor Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz led the officiating of the Municipal Operating Committee for the Prevention, Attention and Combat of Forest Fires.

“In our municipality, the season is particularly dangerous due to the large and important forest massifs that we have. We must also remember that April and May are considered the most critical months due to the dry season,” she said.

The coordinator of Puerto Morelos Civil Protection, Guillermo Morales López, said that the municipality is one of the richest in forest resources in Quintana Roo, whose jungle is a valuable natural heritage.

He also said that for this reason, they will train the community brigade and enlist campaigns aimed at citizens so they do not use fire, such as controlled burns, as a tool.

“Our Mayor has an unrestricted commitment to the care and preservation of our forest wealth, therefore, Civil Protection is contributing to these efforts and we will closely monitor any situation that could be a risk by acting promptly in the face of the threat of fire or smoke and avoid damage to the health of our inhabitants and visitors,” he stated.

Jorge David Canul Balam, National Forestry Brigade Coordinator in the North Zone, reported that last year, Puerto Morelos recorded 42 burned hectares of forest in four fires. He said they expect this season to be busy due to the drought being felt already this year.